Roasted broccoli with gammon and a twist

I’ve always wondered how recipes come to be. How did a person come up with this particular marriage of flavours?
Well this recipe started out as something really quite simple but time and circumstance changed it into something really quite different and, not having tasted the original, I can only assume that it’s a much tastier vers

It began with a broccoli in the fridge needing used and a gammon joint kindly donated from the in-laws. I googled recipes using the search terms ‘broccoli’ and ‘bacon’ and found this roasted broccoli basis.
The basic recipe uses broccoli, actual bacon, garlic and olive oil and is made by putting it all in a bag (broccoli cut into florets), shaking it up and cooking in the oven for 35 minutes.
Here’s where mine differs – we love a bit of heat in pretty much all our food so it just seemed to be lacking with no call for chilies, so I added them (2 dried) before cooking.
The gammon (not being bacon) had to be pre-cooked as per the pack instructions and was not added to the broccoli concoction until 15 minutes before the end of the cooking time.
Now, we’re on a bit of a lentil journey at the minute so there are always some already cooked in our fridge. I added these at the same time as the gammon, just to give the meal a bit more substance (completely not necessary if you don’t have any at hand or just can’t be bothered).
Now, in essence, that’s it – done. However, hubby called me around the time I was adding the gammon and lentils to tell me that he was only just leaving work. What that meant for me and my meal was that it would be another 30 minutes before he was home – 30 minutes during which time the meal could be left to go cold or dry out in the oven.
I decided to add a good spoonful of green pesto (again, always present in our fridge) with a splash of water to add flavour and moisture. It wasn’t enough, 10 minutes later my dish was drying out fast so in a last ditch attempt to save it I added some mayo, just a squeeze, gave it 10 more minutes and then turned it off to await hubby’s return.
Just before serving I covered the dish with a sprinkling of parmesan.

And that’s how my new, and fabulously delicious dish came to be.

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