Ignorance is bliss

Being celiac means always checking labels, it just becomes the normal thing to do.  Of course there are just some things that you know are off limits, like normal crisps, so you just don’t even bother checking them – until you do!
So, in the course of my days work, part of which is stacking shelves, I get started on the crisp section. Getting bored half an hour in I happen to glance at the ingredients of the crisp bag in my hand.

Nope, need to read that one again cos I didn’t see the gluten filled bad boys listed.

Oh my god, these ones are gluten free!

OH MY GOD these ones are gluten free!!

Oh crap now I know these ones are gluten free.

I can’t just unknow that. I can’t take it back. I can stuff my face with crisps that I LOVE or I can pretend. Pretend I didn’t just find this out, pretend that these crisps are still in the ‘I can never eat those again’ section of my diet.
What to do? ?

I’ll just finish the bag I’m eating while I contemplate the answer. Could take some time, I might even need to make my way through a second…..

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