I Love A Good Wedding!

It’s true, I really do. So when Damien’s sister announced a month ago that she was going to get married to her long term partner my little heart jumped for joy.

The wedding happened this weekend and it was a fabulous affair, a very small, intimate
wedding with the ceremony taking place at the local registry office. The reception after took place at their home and I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard that I did say to myself ‘what the f***, how the hell are they going to make that work?!’ Let me just say that they did and it was beautiful!

The most amazing thing about the wedding was that everyone had a part to play. Damien did the bulk of the food and, of course, it was delish, I did the photos, friends got the house ready…. Well you get the picture.

All-in-all the day was one to remember.

What made the day special (or even more special, I should say) was that it got me back in touch with my love for photography. I’m afraid that over the winter my desire to take photos had very much gone into hibernation but with such a mouth watering opportunity to get back into the swing of things how could I help but fall madly back in love!

Confession time now, though, I mucked up! I did and there’s no getting away from it. Dee had bought me a fabulous macro lens for my camera as a xmas pressie and this was my big chance to use it and what did I do? I forgot it, of course, so pictures which could have looked a-maze-ing ended up looking a bit, well, ok.

Take this picture to my left, for example. It’s a fair enough picture (after a bit of work) but if I’d had the sense to bring the right equipment it would have been perfect with little effort at all. Still, lesson learned!

So, next on my list of things I need to become the photographer of the year? It’s got to be a bigger bag to carry everything, so Damien if you’re reading this (and I know you are, bless) not long now till our anniversary.

One thought on “I Love A Good Wedding!

  1. Damien Fegan

    I’ll see what I can do about the case. I should have known that the lens wouldn’t of been the end of it. Still when you take photos like that its worth it.
    PS. What a great day


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