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Back on track

It’s been a while and for that I have nothing but apologies. Talk about getting caught up in life!

So much has happened, so much to talk about and I will, I promise, but for now I just want to get back on track and post regularly again, make time for me – say about half an hour a day, not much to ask.

So this is just a “hi, how are you? Are you still out there?” kinda post.

So – hi, how are you? Are you still out there? Just kidding! The juicy stuff to follow………..


Lisnaskea Share Centre – A Mini Adventure

Tomorrow we’re off on a mini break, we’re totally excited and this time I can actually talk about it.

We’re heading to a place called the Lisnaskea Share Centre, a mini adventure holiday if you will. It’s a fantastic spot (from what I’ve heard) with more activities than you can actually fit into on holiday.

We’re camping (back to basics) so that’ll be interesting but, hopefully, not too wet and we’re staying on a four day break.

We have each of our activities planned out and the good thing is we don’t all have to do the same thing, we’ve each chosen what we want to do most. For me, that’s going to mean many laps of the pool followed by sauna, or could be the gym – either’s good.

Anyway, today’s going to be a bustle of getting the house sorted, cos I hate going away and leaving an untidy house, packing the cars, cos we have 2 now ;-) and just making sure we don’t forget anything because unless previous camping trips where we travelled a full 3 miles down the road, there’s no coming home for forgotten trivialities.

Lisnaskea Share Centre here we come!