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Things that I probably shouldn’t share but I do anyway!

Good News All Round

Bob is me, I am Bob, we are one! Or, in other words the worry that I have a cancerous lump in breast is no more and I am just a lumpy breasted person – don’t judge me.

I had my hospital appointment yesterday and, in case you didn’t get an inkling from what I’ve already written, I’ve been given the all-clear, yay! Continue reading

I didn’t cook him properly!

I am seriously biting my nails down to the quick today. Stress is in the air!

My little sis has gone in this morning to have a C-section with her second child. What’s so nerve-wrecking about that, you ask? Roisin is 34 weeks along and this will be her second time giving birth at this stage. The poor wee mite has a rough time when it comes to pregnancy and both times nothing went to plan. Continue reading