A personal challenge

I’ve decided that I’m going to master the hand stand. That might sound like nothing much but to actually perfect it requires mucho core strength and I’ve decided that I’ll have it nailed by the end of the month.
I did my first attempt this morning and was surprised at just how ok I was, definitely better than I expected to be, I even attempted to take my feet away from the wall and lasted a full three seconds, woohoo.

By the end of the month my goal is to be able to get up into a hand stand without the help of the wall and hold it. There’s a more advanced move which involves one leg being in front of you and one behind, I think it’s called a stag, but I’ll worry about that one when I’m ready to do it.

Let’s do this!

One thought on “A personal challenge

  1. Damien

    Your right its a personal challenge, real personal. I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown down. 30th November a handstandoff at the Feganegg Corral. Katie-ann and Georgia can be the Judges.


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